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The Best Diamond Nose Rings and Men’s Nose Rings from SuperJeweler

Diamond nose rings are showing up on runways, on red carpets, at nightclubs and in board rooms these days. These days both women’s and men’s nose rings are being worn by the fashion forward of all sexes, but the trend was originally worn primarily by women as far back as 4,000 years ago. The nose ring trend originally started in countries such as Nepal and India, where women have worn nose rings for centuries, but it has recently become popular here.  In the 1960s, anti-establishment types began to wear nose rings, and in the 70s and 80s it took off as a fashion statement within the grunge movement. Soon both men and women were wearing them to accessorize.

Women Love Diamond Nose Studs

Women love the look of a diamond nose stud because it draws attention to the face with subtle sparkle. Diamonds are the most popular choice for ladies, but once they’ve worn a nose piercing stud for a while, many women shop for alternatives. The second choice for many women is a ruby nose ring or an emerald nose ring. Rubies are a symbol of passion and love and are said to enhance an individual’s life force, so it’s not surprising women gravitate toward them. Emerald nose rings are also popular because many believe that emeralds can improve personal relationships, ensure fidelity and protect the wearer from harm. For modern women, the gift of a birthstone nose ring is sure to be appreciated.

Don’t Forget the Men

Today, mens nose rings are trending because it has become a fashion statement worn by influencers, athletes (think David Beckham) and movie and stage stars. Men’s diamond nose rings seem to be particularly popular with men in the music industry. For most men, because their noses are naturally larger than women’s, nose ring sizes tend to be larger. At SuperJeweler, we offer unique men’s nose rings in 14K gold set with the most precious of gemstones, including diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

What to Consider When Shopping for Diamond Nose Rings

If you’re shopping for nose rings for men, take a look at the quality of the stones, the size of the nose ring itself, the type of post and the guarantee backing your purchase. The size you order should also take into account the nose piercing placement. The most common nose piercing is the nostril piercing that sits in the fold of the nostril on one side of the face. Most women wear this type of nose piercing on the left side, although this isn’t a “must.” Another nose piercing placement that is popular is higher on the nostril, a few centimeters higher than the natural fold.

Why SuperJeweler?

At SuperJeweler, you can order a nose piercing stud with confidence, knowing our nose rings are crafted of 14K white gold or yellow gold. You’ll never have to worry about the earring being made of a metal that could trigger irritation in such as sensitive area. All our diamond nose studs and other gemstone nose studs feature a 14K gold, post and wire back for a comfortable, adjustable fit. If you’re ready to wear the latest in diamond nose rings or a precious gemstone nose stud, SuperJeweler has what you’re looking for.