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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

White Gold
Diamond Tennis
White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

2 Carats to 15 Carats
$799 to $27,999

Yellow Gold
Diamond Tennis
Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

2 Carats to 15 Carats
$799 to $8,999

Rose Gold
Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

2 Carats to 14 Carats
$1,379 to $10,799

6 Inch & 6.5 Inch
6 Inch & 6.5 Inch Diamond Bracelet

1 ¾ Carats to 10 Carats
$1,399 to $5,799

7.5 Inch, 8 Inch,
8.5 Inch, & 9 Inch
Diamond Bracelet
7.5 Inch, 8 Inch, 8.5 Inch,  & 9 Inch Diamond Bracelet

2 Carats to 14 Carats
$1,499 to $10,799

Blue, Brown &
Black Diamond
Blue, Brown & Black Diamond Bracelet

2 Carat to 12 Carats
$1,199 to $8,999

Mens Tennis
Blue, Brown & Black Diamond Bracelet

White, Yellow & Rose Gold
From 3 to 10 Carats

HUGE Diamond
Bracelet 6 Carats
& Up!
HUGE Diamond Bracelet 6 Carats & Up!

6 Carat to 15 Carats
$4,799 to $27,999

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Why Is It Called Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet scored its name in 1987 when professional tennis player, Chris Evert famously stopped her tennis match to search for her missing diamonds after the clasp on her diamond bracelet broke. The name tennis bracelet was a hit, so much so it lost its original name of diamond bracelet and from that moment forward was deemed a tennis bracelet. The newly named tennis bracelet sparked the interest of women across the world due to characteristics of elegance and glamour, exuding from all tennis bracelet diamond styles.

How Much Is A Diamond Tennis Bracelet Worth

At SuperJeweler, we offer an enchanting array of diamond bracelet options, crafted and designed to suit any budget such as diamond tennis bracelet gold, gemstone tennis bracelets, diamond tennis bracelet sterling silver. Our dainty diamond tennis bracelet collection starts at $99 USD and goes up to $25,000 USD. Within these diamond tennis bracelet prices, we have many remarkable tennis bracelet options to choose from, which can be crafted in 14K white gold, yellow gold or the very trendy rose gold. Our diamond tennis bracelet styles range in total carat weight, starting with 1 carat tennis bracelet styles and ending with our largest option, a 15 carat diamond bracelet.

At SuperJeweler, we offer tennis bracelets for all budgets and design all diamond carat weight options in between our 1 carat tennis bracelet and 15 carat tennis bracelet diamond. All of our diamond tennis bracelet designs are exceptionally beautiful and unique to your personal style and budget.

The Perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Our noteworthy tennis bracelet and diamond bracelet collection is the perfect gift for any occasion including Mother's Day gifts, first anniversary gifts, push presents, Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. Whichever occasion it may be, your loved one will adore our 5 Star rated tennis bracelet styles, all masterfully designed to last a lifetime.

Buy a cheap diamond tennis bracelet online from SuperJeweler! You also will find the beautiful diamond tennis necklace, diamond stud earrings and engagement rings.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How to tell if a diamond tennis bracelet is real?
  • When trying to determine if a tennis bracelet is real, whether it’s a traditional diamond tennis bracelet or other style of diamond bracelet, it’s necessary to keep in mind that there are two distinct parts of the bracelet, the mounting and the diamonds. To tell if the tennis bracelet mounting is real, look for a stamp on or near the lock that says the karatage of the gold or platinum, such as 10k or 14k or 18k or PT, which stands for Platinum. Telling if diamonds in the diamond tennis bracelet are real is much more difficult. The best way is to buy a low cost diamond meter online and then test each diamond, however, that will not tell you if the diamonds are natural or laboratory grown. Lab grown and natural diamonds are physically/chemically identical, so determining the creation of diamonds requires a different tester


  • What is a diamond tennis bracelet?
  • A diamond tennis bracelet is a simple line of diamonds in a gold or silver or platinum mounting that goes all the way around the wrist. The diamond bracelet became known as a diamond tennis bracelet when Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet fell off during a match in the 1987 US Open.


  • How to clean diamond tennis bracelet?
  • It is very important to keep your diamond tennis bracelet clean. Make a solution of 1/8 dish liquid and 7/8 warm water and stir it together. Submerge the diamond tennis bracelet into the solution for 15 minutes, then scrub it with a soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse the bracelet off with warm water and let it dry. Your diamond tennis bracelet should look as good as new.


  • Can a diamond tennis bracelet be shortened?
  • Yes, a diamond tennis bracelet can be shortened. Most jewelry stores and websites stock diamond tennis bracelets in standard 7 inch lengths, however there are 40-90 links, one for each diamond. Your jeweler can remove as many links as you wish in order to shorten your tennis bracelet.


  • Are diamond tennis bracelets still in style?
  • Diamond tennis bracelets are a classic style and have been in style since diamond bracelets were introduced to the mass consumer market in the 1920s. A traditional diamond tennis bracelet goes with any outfit from a bikini to a ball gown, and is a fantastic wardrobe investment. You need not worry that your diamond bracelet will no longer be fashionable.