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Sideways Cross Necklace

Frequently Asked Question

  • What does a sideways cross mean?
  • Once Jesus had achieved salvation, his work was finished and the cross was laid down. Thus the crucifix is seen as a sideways cross, rather than the normal vertical version. People see the sideways cross necklace as a visible, personal expression of their devotion to the resurrection, as well as a very pretty piece of jewelry.


  • What does a sideways cross necklace mean?
  • The question really is what does it mean to you? For many, the sideways cross worn as a sideways cross necklace is a trendy, yet religious, symbolic jewelry item. Celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Kelly Ripa, and Miley Cyrus have been spotted wearing a sideways cross necklace. For the faithful, the sideways cross represents that Jesus’ work was done and thus the cross is laid down. Jesus no longer had to carry the weight of his cross.


  • What is the significance of a Sideways Cross?
  • Today, the sideways cross worn as a sideways cross necklace is a trendy fashion statement that you can join. You will love the selection in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold of sideways cross necklaces for women. Many in religious circles view the sideways cross as an expression of Jesus after resurrection, as he was off the cross and it was not lying down.


  • Where to buy Sideways Cross Necklace?
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