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Diamond Eternity Band

Diamond Eternity Bands - Perfect Circles of Diamonds - Symbolizing Your Everlasting Love

Diamond Eternity Bands and Eternity Rings from SuperJeweler, The Best!

The eternity band has been a meaningful anniversary gift to give your wife or partner for decades as a romantic reminder that the giver’s love is as strong – if not stronger – today as it was when a couple got married. Eternity bands have also become very popular as wedding rings because the circle of a diamond eternity band or gemstone eternity ring is the perfect compliment to a diamond or gemstone engagement ring. Today, SuperJeweler offers the finest white gold diamond eternity bands available in a variety of precious metals featuring perfectly matched diamonds in a wide range of carat weights for every budget.


Diamond Anniversary Bands

Diamond anniversary bands became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s as gifts to mark milestone anniversaries such as the 25th of 50th wedding anniversary. As the years passed, however, men began giving an eternity ring to their wives for push presents, 5th and 10th anniversaries and many other occasions. Today, you can give an eternity ring to someone you love for any special occasion or no occasion at all.

Eternity Ring as Wedding Band

For many brides, an eternity ring is the wedding band of choice because they want something with more sparkle than a plain gold or platinum wedding ring would have. A set of matched, channel-set diamonds can add a luxurious touch to a simple diamond solitaire or match the side stones of a more elaborate engagement ring to become a beautiful set. A platinum eternity band can also be worn alone if a woman prefers not to wear her engagement ring every day.

SuperJeweler Carries Only the Best Diamond Eternity Bands

We know every woman is special in her own way, so we offer our eternity ring collection in various precious metals, including white gold and yellow gold as well as platinum. But the metal is just the beginning. We offer our diamond eternity rings in several elegant setting styles to coordinate with any other style of ring and each woman’s personal style.

Traditional Mountings

The traditional, channel set eternity band features a continuous row of matched diamonds set inside a channel of gold or platinum. This style is an excellent choice for a woman who works with her hands a lot. The stones are set down in the gold and can’t snag on anything or get pulled from the mounting. Bezel set eternity bands encase each individual diamond in a circle of gold or platinum, adding drama and highlighting each stone. Bezel set eternity bands are lovely when you want the gleam of precious metal. This works especially well if the ring contains larger stones.

Unusual Mountings

A milgrain prong diamond eternity ring frames the row of prong set diamonds with a thin ribbon of milgrain beading for an intricate, vintage look. It combines the practicality of prong settings that keep the diamonds securely in place with the elegance of a beaded band. For a more contemporary feel, SuperJeweler offers rounded bar eternity rings that feature a gently rounded bar of platinum or gold between each diamond, giving the ring a scalloped effect around both edges of the ring and creating a break between each stone so that it stands out individually. An eternity ring with a u-base mounting has less metal on the sides and gives the illusion of an unbroken band of diamonds when viewed from the top.

Regardless of the type of mounting or whether you want a yellow gold eternity ring, a diamond eternity band in white gold or an unforgettable platinum and diamond eternity ring, SuperJeweler backs every purchase with one of the best guarantees in the business, so the ring you give will be as unforgettable as she is.