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He Gave Me a Rose Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet…

Yes, he gave me a rose gold diamond tennis bracelet for my birthday. It was a stunning, triple strand of diamonds in a chevron pattern. Of course, I loved getting a diamond bracelet for my birthday. What woman wouldn't? But that's not what I remember most about my celebration that year. It was the moment when I opened the box, saw the warm, rosy sheen of rose gold surrounding the diamonds, and realized that he knew me better than anyone. That's when I knew he was the man for me.

Why He Bought Me a Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

Of course, that man is now my husband. He still jokes about how he won me over with rose gold. It’s not far from the truth. When he chose that particular ladies’ tennis bracelet, he sealed the deal. That gift told me he knew my taste, knew what moved me, knew my sense of fashion. He got me.

My husband knows I’m not a traditionalist, so yellow gold isn’t for me. He understands that while there is an icy elegance to the cool shimmer of white gold, it isn’t warm enough for someone with my fiery personality and tender heart. He bought me rose gold then, and he gives it to me now because the soft, rosy hue warms my skin and reflects my personality. Of course, I'm also a romantic, so my rose gold tennis bracelet has become my favorite accessory. Whether it's a dinner out with friends, a weekend of antiquing, or a romantic night on the town, this bracelet reminds me that my husband knows my heart and soul!

Why Rose Gold Jewelry is So Precious

A ladies’ diamond bracelet in rose gold is the result of years of jewelry evolution. Carl Faberge, the imperial jeweler to the Russian Czars, first used rose gold to craft elaborate Faberge eggs for the royal family. He was inspired to add copper and silver to traditional gold to create a vivid, blush pink, precious metal that captured spring blossoms' beauty and promise. For years, it was called Russian gold, but as its popularity spread around the globe, it became known as rose gold.

In the 1920s, flappers would stack more than one rose gold diamond bracelet on their wrists. They dazzled their admirers with the opulence of cascades of diamonds and the girlish femininity of rose gold encircling their arms. It was an era of optimism and lavish living, and the jewelry women wore reflected the air of romance to be found everywhere.

Today’s Rose Gold Tennis Bracelets Offer Styles from Delicate to Bold

SuperJeweler's complete line of rose gold diamond tennis bracelets comes in styles delicate, single strands to triple rows. We also offer rose gold bracelets set with alternating patterns of diamonds and precious and semi-precious gems like amethyst and garnet. With these tennis bracelets, you can give her a gift that's uniquely hers (Imagine how she’d love a rose gold tennis bracelet with diamonds and her birthstone!) and guaranteed to touch her heart.