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White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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The White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet: The Classic Gift for Every Occasion

There's nothing that sparkles quite like a diamond bracelet. From as far back as Roman times, diamonds have been valued for their fire and beauty. Ladies' diamond bracelets have been given as gifts of love and adoration since the Middle Ages. Over the ages, white gold diamond bracelets have also been given as gifts to commemorate milestone moments such as a child's birth, receiving a promotion, or conquering a goal.

In the last several decades, the ladies' tennis bracelet has exploded onto the scene and become one of the most enduring fashion statements in the jewelry world. It is a classic style that can be worn with anything from casual weekend wear to the most formal gowns. It's no surprise that a diamond tennis bracelet has become both a status symbol and sentimental gift women around the world dream of receiving.

The Rise of the White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The white gold diamond bracelet has risen to the top as the most popular tennis bracelet style over the decades. There's no denying the enduring, classic appeal of white gold, which has withstood the changing tastes of fashion for hundreds of years.

A white gold tennis bracelet sets itself apart because it enhances the beauty of the stones so well. White gold doesn’t impart any color to diamonds, so they will always shimmer with the purity of the light shining through them.

White gold blends into the background in a diamond tennis bracelet, giving the illusion of an unbroken strand of diamonds with no beginning or end. With the white of the gold seamlessly giving way to the white glitter of the stones, the diamonds appear larger and brighter than in any other setting.

The Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The exceptional sparkle of a white gold diamond tennis bracelet is one of the many reasons it has been a classic with movie stars and socialites for generations. From Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez, the white gold tennis bracelet has been a favorite go-to accessory.

It’s Always the Right Time to Give a White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

So when is it appropriate to give someone a diamond tennis bracelet as a gift? The traditional events are obvious – high school or college graduation, a groom’s gift to his bride, the birth of a child, that promotion she’s been striving toward, or retirement. But don't let yourself be dictated by particular events or even the holidays. You don't have to wait until her birthday or Christmas to give someone you love one of SuperJeweler's stunning white gold tennis bracelets. With a tennis bracelet for every budget, you can give her the gift of diamonds for no other reason that you want to see that sparkle reflected in her eyes.