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Promise Rings

Promise Rings - Popular Styles - Low Prices

Representing the love shared between two souls, the promise ring originated in England in the 16th century. During this time, promise rings were known as posy rings, as they were engraved with lines from romantic poems. Today, a promise ring symbolizes the romantic connection between two hearts and the promise of sharing your lives together for years to come. At SuperJeweler, we offer high-quality, low cost promise rings so each and every one of your promises, given through your low cost, cheap promise rings come to fruition.

Some may wonder, why give a promise ring when you can give an engagement ring? Well, that is a great question! Promise rings are often a popular choice for those that love their partner, but are not yet ready to commit to marriage due to finances, or simply because they are too young. The gift of the promise ring expresses an undying love to one's partner and the promise that one day they will get down on one knee and propose marriage. Some may call a diamond promise ring a pre-engagement ring because it shows a commitment to marriage in the future and is the next step between dating and marriage.

Most typically worn on the ring finger of your right hand, promise rings represent an unbreakable bond between two souls. It is most common that a diamond promise ring is worn as a symbol of love, representing an impending proposal, however, a promise ring may be exchanged between best friends as a symbol of their lifelong friendship.

At SuperJeweler, all of our low cost, cheap promise rings are lovingly designed to express your promise to your loved one. Designed to fit all price points and promises, our collection of low cost, cheap promise rings range in price with our most affordable cheap promise ring selling for $29.97 to our highest priced promise ring selling for $799.99. Whichever design your choose, all of our promise rings are crafted with our finest diamonds from around the world. Express your promise with our customized engraving option. With this option, you have the ability to eternally etch your one-of-a-kind words of love inside the ring that your loved one will wear for years to come. Crafted in either sterling silver, 10K and 14K white gold or yellow gold, all of our sterling silver or gold diamond promise rings are lovingly designed to last a lifetime, just like the promise you are giving to your loved one. And remember, when you are ready to propose, we are here for you with a stunning array of diamond engagement rings at incredibly low prices because we're not just any jeweler, we're SuperJeweler!