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Diamond Earrings

Earrings have adorned the ears of women and men for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt and possibly before. The common practice of wearing earrings has adapted many different meanings in different cultures around the world, but they remain one of the most popular and gifted items of jewelry. The hoop earring is one of the oldest and most recognized styles of diamond earring, but stud diamond earrings and fashion diamond earrings are quite popular and make wonderful wedding gifts, anniversary gifts as well as fashion accessories to wear for any occasion.

Diamond Studs

Some of the most popular diamond earrings are diamond stud earrings, which unlike diamond hoops and diamond drop earrings, are nestled gracefully against the earlobe, providing an elegant and understated touch of style that every woman can appreciate. Diamond studs have been quite popular for many years and maintain a secure position within the category of timelessly classic diamond jewelry. We also offer somewhat more contemporary and trendy options when it comes to diamond stud earrings, including black diamond studs and blue diamond studs. This style is perfect choice if you are looking for something a little bit more fun and funky.

At SuperJeweler, our most popular diamond studs are round cut brilliant and princess cut solitaire diamond stud earrings. These diamond stud earrings typically feature a simple prong setting, which allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the stone and produce the most brilliance possible. They can also be combined with black diamonds or blue diamonds to produce a unique pop of color.

Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops are also quite popular, as the hoop earrings style is one of the most prevalent, time-tested of all the earring styles we offer. Hoops are even more appealing and attractive when encrusted with a bright band of brilliant diamonds that just adds the right amount of sparkle to these classic favorites. We also offer circle diamond earrings that, unlike hoops, dangle slightly below the earlobe to form a complete circle, or multiple circles of diamonds. Journey diamond earrings are also favorites among diamond earring lovers, and these graceful drop earrings feature a gentle curved line of round cut brilliant diamonds that get slightly larger from top to bottom, creating a lovely path that can symbolize the beautiful journey that is your life or your loving marriage. Our three diamond earrings are similarly shaped, simple three diamond strands that will complement any ensemble perfectly.

Affordable Diamond Earrings

At SuperJeweler, we always make sure we offer several diamond earrings on sale prices, so be sure to check out our clearance diamond earrings as well as our cheap diamond earrings on closeout. Whether you are looking for micro pave diamond earrings, black diamond earrings, blue diamond earrings, diamond studs, diamond solitaire earrings, SuperJeweler has you beautifully covered.