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What is a tennis necklace?

14K White Gold Diamond Tennis Necklace 17 Inches

This lovely white gold, diamond tennis necklace will impress everyone who sees it. An amazing 119 sparkling diamonds is strung together in a perfect line to encircle your neck with classic style. We’ve put all our jewelers’ exceptional skills to work in creating this timeless tennis necklace. A white gold tennis necklace of this quality is an unusual find at such a reasonable price, coming in at price far below retail. The 17 inch length flatters and elongates the neck and is the ideal length for almost any style of blouse or dress.

Perfectly Matched Diamonds

The quality of a diamond tennis necklace relies on how well matched the stones are. At SuperJeweler, we’ve searched the globe in order to find diamonds of exceptional color with matching clarity and put them together for a necklace that has unmistakable sparkle along its entire length. We’ve put together 119 diamonds that are colorless or nearly colorless, then mounted them in white gold to ensure their fire is properly displayed. Many jewelers reserve diamonds with this fine color for central stones in smaller pieces of jewelry, but SuperJeweler works with suppliers in multiple countries so we always  have access to unsurpassed quantities of exceptional quality stones for our diamond tennis necklaces.

White Gold Glamour

The beauty of white gold mountings is undeniable – the white gold allows the sparkle of each diamond to fully refract and reflect the light without any surrounding color to dull the beauty of the gems. This is why white gold continues to be the most popular mounting material for diamond jewelry and diamond tennis necklaces in particular. The more diamonds there are in a piece, the more the color of the mounting matters. With 119 diamonds totally over 8 carats, no one could ever say that this is a cheap diamond tennis necklace, it shimmers along its entire length in any light.

Gems You Can Wear Every Day

You’ll want to wear this necklace with almost everything in your wardrobe, so it’s fortunate our jewelers are artisans of the craft. We take the time and effort to create each white gold tennis necklace with superior quality mountings of 14K white gold. Each one is carefully formed to securely hold each of the dozens of diamonds securely in place while allowing the maximum amount of light to shine through each stone for a dazzling effect.

Our clasp fastens snugly and has an added tongue security clasp as a backup so you’ll never worry about it coming undone. You’ll be able to wear this beautiful necklace with any outfit without ever worrying about it snagging fabric, loosing a stone or falling off. The clasp is integrated seamlessly into the necklace with two beautiful diamonds mounted on the box to create an uninterrupted circlet of diamonds that is as stunning from the back as it is from the front. You’ll never tire of showing off this 8.33 carat white gold diamond tennis necklace.