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Frequently Asked Question

  • Where to buy earring backs?
  • Earring backs are available on many websites or ever in retail jewelry stores. If you would like to have a choice of replacement earring backs, stabilizing earring backs, white gold earring backs, and heavy earring backs, you can visit SuperJeweler.com. SuperJeweler has the largest selection of earring backs and the lowest prices anywhere.


  • How to remove plastic earring backs?
  • It’s not much fun when those base metal and plastic earring backs get stuck. If the earrings are on your ear, and you have been wearing them for weeks or months, they may have rusted on. In this case, you can try to rub some Vaseline on the post and not and try to get it to turn and slide off. If this does not, consider spraying some WD40 on the earring post and back and try to slowly work the plastic earring backs off. If this does not work, you might want to consider getting medical help.


  • How to keep earring backs from falling off?
  • To help keep earring back from falling off, try squeezing the 2 loops together lightly with a plier, in order to restore the friction that holds them on. If this does not work, there can be one of two possible problems. Most likely your earring backs have worn out, and need to be replaced. Another possibility is that the hold that the post passes through is too large, in which you need an earring back that is made for a smaller guage earring post.


  • How to clean earring backs?
  • Cleaning earrings backs is very simple. Take a water glass and squirt in some dish liquid. Add warm water and stir to create a cleaning solution. Soak your earring backs for about 30 minutes, brush off with an old toothbrush, and rinse. Your earring backs should become as shiny as new!