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Garnet Rings

With its passionate hues of red, SuperJeweler's garnet ring collection lights a fire in your heart and fills you with feelings of love. Garnet, the focal point of SuperJeweler's January birthstone ring collection is a protective energy stone known to protect its wearer from evil, making a garnet ring a powerful gift for your loved one, showing  them how much you care for them. The perfect gift for 2nd wedding anniversaries, SuperJeweler's garnet ring collection lures you in with its fiery tones of red ranging from orange-red to ox blood red.

Known as a stone of commitment with its representation of love, garnet revitalizes feelings of trust, understanding and devotion with your partner while taking away feelings of anger. Finely crafted with love in mind, all pieces in SuperJeweler's garnet ring collection are designed to last a lifetime. With an array of alluring pieces, our January birthstone ring collection is available in a variety of carat sizes, shapes and price points. Depending on your personal preference and budget, our January birthstone rings are delicately designed in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Rich in history, garnet is known to be the most ancient of all gemstones. Used to enhance consistency and faith in ancient Egypt, garnet is known to bring positive forces to the body and mind. Ranging in color from orange-red to a passionate deep red, SuperJeweler's garnet ring collection evokes feelings of love with its resemblance to the colors of the human heart. Masterfully crafted to last a lifetime, SuperJeweler's January birthstone ring collection is designed with love in mind.