SuperJeweler Sells ONLY Natural, Genuine, Earth-Mined Diamonds. Be Careful of Unscrupulous Store Retailers. They May Cheat You and Sell You A Lab Grown Diamond.

They May Cheat You and Sell You A Lab Grown Diamond

Friends, SuperJeweler has been in business since 1999 and is known worldwide as a trusted resource for natural, earth mined diamonds. Not only have we been servicing customers for over 20 years, has a global sourcing network direct from the mine to your finger. You cut out so many middlemen by working with SuperJeweler that you will save 60%, 70%, 80% or more. We are the prime manufacturer.

SuperJeweler Sells ONLY Natural, Genuine, Earth-Mined Diamonds

Why waste your money on a phony laboratory grown diamond? Are you aware that the prices of lab grown diamonds has fallen by 90% in the last 4 years. That’s right — 90%. The reality is that fake laboratory grown diamonds are nothing more than China grown sand and electricity. Worthless. Isn’t your jewelry more precious to you than sand and electricity? Do you really want to waste your hard-earned money on fake garbage like laboratory grown diamonds?

And guess what? Lab grown diamonds have a MASSIVE carbon footprint. No they are not an eco-product. Lab grown diamonds use tons of carbon based electricity…coal, gas, all the worst types of polluters. On the other hand, NATURAL DIAMOND COMPANIES EMPLOY AND FEED SOME OF THE POOREST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. We educate the most needy, provide medical care, and feed people who truly need the food. What do the cheating lab grown diamond pushers do? They try to get rich quick.

Buy Natural Diamonds. They have always been valuable and they always will be!

With Love and Thanks,
The SuperJeweler Team

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