Millennials and Moissanite: The Moissanite Engagement Ring Love Affair

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The Moissanite engagement ring is the latest alternative to diamond engagement rings, with a combination of beauty and affordability that can’t be matched. In fact, these lovely, shimmering rings have become the darlings of the millennial set. Many young couples today are choosing to go with moissanite for engagement rings and they’re pleased with these beautiful symbols of love and commitment. There are at least five good reasons why millennials are going the moissanite route, but first let’s take a look at what this jewel actually is.

Moissanite vs. Diamond

While some people label a moissanite as a “fake diamond,” it isn’t. In fact, it is a jewel in its own right. Moissanites in nature are incredibly rare, but those used in jewelry are created in a lab using silicon carbide. They have a different crystal structure than diamonds, but closely resemble diamonds for sparkle, clarity and beauty. There are many similarities and some differences. Both stones are extremely hard and appropriate for day-to-day wear. Both appear to be colorless or nearly colorless and have exceptional sparkle and shine. Both are considered genuine stones for use in jewelry.

They part company in several ways, however, including how they are sold and what they cost. Although a Moissanite is created in a lab, it does take several months to make one, so they are not cheap; they are, however, far less expensive than diamonds of comparable size. Another difference is the superior clarity of moissanite wedding rings and engagement rings. Some diamonds have very good clarity while others may be cloudy with lots of flaws and imperfections. So why are millennials so in love with moissanite engagement rings?

More Sparkle with Fewer Flaws

Because Moissanite stones are lab created, there is greater control over the quality of the stone. All Moissanites are either flawless or nearly so, giving millennials the opportunity to more easily find stones with exceptional sparkle and clarity. Buyers don’t have to try and wade through a lot of diamonds, trying to find one with good cut, clarity and color combined with the carat weight they are looking for. Instead, millennials can assume (rightly so) that any Moissanite engagement rings they look at will have excellent color and clarity compared with the majority of similarly sized diamonds. Moissanite stones are also named based on their relative clarity, making it easy to understand what you’re looking at in terms of quality.

  • A Moissanite Classic will always have a color grade equivalent to a diamond grade J-K.
  • A Moissanite Forever Brilliant will have a color grade equivalent to a diamond grade G-I.
  • A Moissanite Forever One will have a color grade equivalent to a diamond grade D-F, which is considered colorless by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The unusual sparkle of this stone is sometimes referred to as “Moissanite fire” and is one of the most appreciated features of this jewel. This is its ability to break up light into a spectrum of colors. Moissanite engagement rings have more fire than diamond engagement rings because they break up light into a full spectrum of colors. For those looking for maximum flash and sparkle, Moissanite fire is the answer.

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