Men’s Diamond Earrings — Learn How to Select the Perfect Studs for Your Man

Men’s Diamond Earrings – Learn More!

Men’s diamond earrings have been a thing for ages. Most men, including celebrities, flaunt diamond earrings, hoop earrings, and stud earrings and boy, do they look good! Can your man pull off the diamond stud earrings look?

If he can, does he wear diamond earrings in one ear or both? Most men prefer wearing a diamond stud in one ear- just look at celebs like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Fox, and Michael B. Jordan. However, regardless  of whether your man wears one diamond earring or two diamond earrings, your best options are men’s hoop earrings, men’s diamond stud earrings, or black diamond earrings for men.

How to choose diamond earrings for men is the real question here, and it’s not easy since there are so many options, but we can help! Here are some tips for choosing the perfect men’s diamond earrings!

Select Diamond Earrings for Men Based on The Shape of His Face

When you’re selecting men’s diamond earrings do not look at the shape of the diamond, look at the shape of your man’s face. If  he has a round face, you should get him vertical length diamond earrings.

For instance, opt for emerald shaped diamonds. It will make his face appear longer, as well as balance out his round features. If  he has an oval face, you can get him men’s hoop earrings. Small round studs are a great option,  too. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the size of his earlobe. If the earring has too many carats, it will weigh down his earlobe.

Consider the Setting of Diamond Earrings for Men

One of the most popular settings for men’s diamond earrings is the claw setting. The claw setting, also known as the prong setting, holds the diamond in place. The claw setting allows a lot of natural light to shine off the diamond, giving it a brilliant sparkle.

What Does He Wear Day-to-Day?

You need to pick diamond earrings for men based on your man’s dressing style. Women wear accessories to enhance their outfit and change them according to what they are wearing that day, but men tend not to do that. They wear the same earrings most of the year, which is why you need to select hoops and studs based on their personal style.

If he wears a lot of bright colors, go with white gold or platinum men’s diamond earrings. If he usually wears black or dark colors, you can go with yellow gold or rose gold diamond earrings to add a little color to his look!

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