How the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Got Its Name

A Brief History: Diamond Tennis Bracelets

For 100 years or more, the eternity bracelet was a staple for women of status around the world. This was a simple white or yellow gold diamond bracelet with diamonds lining the entirety of the bracelet. Then the U.S. Open happened and it changed the jewelry world forever.

For over a century, the diamond tennis bracelet has been a staple in the world of fashion. You can quickly find images of every icon in recent memory with a diamond tennis bracelet displayed on her wrist. Liz Taylor, Judy Garland, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Cindy Crawford and even Kate Middleton have sported this fashion.

Believe it or not, it was American tennis star Chris Evert who gave diamond tennis bracelets the spotlight. There in the U.S. Open, she asked the official to pause the match because her bracelet was rubbing her wrist uncomfortably. That’s right. During one of the most competitive matches in history, Chris Evert was sporting a 7 inch diamond bracelet. Evert is still regarded as the most fashionable tennis player of all time, despite the recent surge of the Williams sisters and other stars dabbling in fashion.

Since then, these “Eternity Bracelets” have been dubbed diamond tennis bracelets. They come in yellow, white, and rose gold and they are 6 to 9 inches to accommodate all styles and sizes. These diamond tennis bracelets are fashionable with any outfit, whether off to work or just picking up the groceries. If you take a page out of Evert’s book, you can even wear your diamond tennis bracelet to the gym or to the courts!

Our diamond tennis bracelet collection includes a wide array of diamond bracelet options from a modest 2 carats all the way up to an astounding 15 carats. We have great diamond tennis bracelets for every budget and every taste preference. Take a closer look at our diamond tennis bracelet collection here.

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