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Opal Rings

How Much Are Opal Rings?

Opal rings are so popular for 2021, but how much should you spend on an Opal Ring? This is a very broad answer. An opal ring crafted in 925 Sterling Silver could start as low as $10 and go up to $500. A white gold opal ring or an opal ring in rose gold starts at about $200 and goes up to $2000. Very fine opal rings, with 18 karat gold and a gem quality opal would be from $2500 up to $25,000. How much you spend on an opal ring depends upon your budget and what you are using the ring for.
Opal rings can be as low as $10 and as high as $100,000. Why? It depends upon the metal competition of the ring and the quality of the opal. A small opal ring in sterling silver can be very low priced. A big, fancy opal ring, crafter in solid gold with a lot of diamond could be a very expensive piece of fine jewelry, possibly as much as $50,000 or $100,000.

Opal Ring

Opal Ring

How To Clean Opal Rings?

Opal is a soft gemstone to cut, but wears very well over time. That said, it’s best to keep your opal ring clean. Take a small jar, add a couple teaspoons of dish liquid and warm water. Then shake it vigorously to make a cleaning solution. Then put the opal ring in for 2-8 hours to soak. With a very soft toothbrush, clean the ring on the front and back. Soak the ring again for another couple hours, then rinse it in warm water to get the soapy water off. Dry the opal ring and it should be clean and as good as new!
Clean Opal Rings

Real Opal Rings vs Fake

Real opal rings are among the most beautiful jewelry there is. But how to tell a real opal from a fake opal. There are a two main times of fake opals, and both are easy to identify. The main type of fake opal is made of plastic, and feels like plastic. Another type of fake opal actually contains slices of real opal, with a plastic backing, which makes the opal slice look very fiery. There are actually very beautiful laboratory grown opals, and they are super-cheap. Real opals are easy to identify as they feel cold, like rocks…it’s slightly cold. Also, look at your opal from the side. If you see that it looks like layers, that’s called a doublet opal or a triple opal. SuperJeweler only sells 100% natural Australian Opal.

Opal Rings Near Me

Look around! Do you see any opal rings near you? Seriously, it’s best to buy an opal ring from an internet jeweler like SuperJeweler.com. No store can possibly match the enormous selection and amazing prices like a global store like SuperJeweler. Whether you are looking for a small opal promise ring, or a very fine, important opal ring, we are here to make sure you get an amazing opal ring!

Opal Engagement Rings Near Me

Very few retailers actually have ever made an Opal Engagement ring. So finding an opal engagement ring near you is very difficult. Put your trust in SuperJeweler.com and we will help you get just the right opal engagement ring that you are looking for, including white gold opal engagement rings, yellow gold opal engagement ring, or rose gold opal engagement rings!Whether you are looking for natural opal ring in silver or a white gold opal ring or a rose gold opal ring, SuperJeweler has hundreds of styles to fit every budget.
 Opal Ring

Opal Rings For Women

Opal rings are very popular for women worldwide. The problem is usually that consumers are not able to find enough selection of opal rings to satisfy their tastes. Whether you are looking for white gold or a yellow gold opal ring or an opal ring in rose gold, SuperJeweler has opal rings for women, and more styles than anyone. Opal rings from $49 to $4999.

Opal Rings For Sale

SuperJeweler has more Opal Rings For Sale than any other website or retail store! Check out our white gold opal rings, large opal rings, opal engagement rings, yellow gold opal rings and more. We have opal promise ring, opal rings silver and expensive opal rings. When you are ready to shop for an opal ring, SuperJeweler is here for you!

Can Opal Rings Get Wet?

Your opal ring will not take any special care to keep it as good as new. Cleaning an opal ring is very simple too! Just grab a small empty jar and make a solution of dish soap and warm water, and then soak your opal ring for a couple hours and then rinse it off. So yes, it is absolutely fine to get opal rings wet.

Can Opal Rings Be Resized?

Yes, your opal ring can be resized. Actually there is no difference between sizing an opal ring or any other gemstone ring.

Opal Rings with Diamonds

Opals, especially fine quality fiery opals, look even better with diamonds surrounding them. An opal engagement ring with diamonds in the mounting, is an amazing classic choice to signify your love. And the beautiful fire found in good quality opals, will remind you of your sizzling love for each other. Of course, almost all opal rings have a few diamonds to accent the beauty of the center opal.

Opal Rings With Rose Gold

It can be really hard to find opal rings with rose gold. This is because rose gold has only recently become popular again and opal is not one of the most popular gemstones. SuperJeweler has dozens of opal ring styles that you can order as an opal ring with rose gold, and opal ring with white gold, and opal rings with yellow gold. In fact, you might like opal rings with rose gold as an opal engagement ring.

Opal Rings With Rose Gold

Opal Rings With Rose Gold

Opal Rings With Rose Gold

Are Opal Rings For Engagement Rings?

We think that opal rings are ideal for engagement rings! What an amazing classic choice. Opal rings for engagement rings would be best with a halo of diamonds in 14 karat white gold, or maybe a rose gold opal engagement ring. Can’t you imagine getting engaged with an opal engagement ring? There is an fantastic benefit to buying an opal engagement ring. A diamond would cost about 3 or 4 times as much!

Are Opal Rings Bad Luck?

No way! Although occasionally throughout history small groups have avoided opal, the Romans thought that opal was very good luck and a symbol of hope. So put that out of your mind. Opals are good luck and you should strongly consider adding a beautiful opal ring to your collection!

Who Sells Opal Rings & Where To Buy Them?

Almost every jeweler sells opal rings. The question is why you should buy an opal ring in one store versus the other. A local jeweler could never stock hundreds of opal rings like SuperJeweler.com, and they certainly cannot compete with our volume prices. SuperJeweler.com has opal rings with diamonds and without, in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

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