The Sideways Cross Necklace: Symbolism with Style

Currently trending with fashionistas everywhere is the sideways cross necklace. While some people choose this attractive style to represent their personal beliefs, most people choose it as a fashion statement. It’s undeniable that the cross symbol is appealing. It is understated and elegant, using two straight bars that cross at 90-degree angles. The simplicity of the symmetrical form makes it an ideal complement to any outfit.

Celebrity interest in the side cross necklace has made it even more popular. Individuals naturally gravitate toward fashions that people they admire wear. When celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Ripa, Lucy Hale, and Selena Gomez are spotted wearing white or yellow gold sideways cross necklaces, sales soar.

Popular Sideways Cross Necklace Styles

It may seem that the sideways cross necklace is relatively limited in terms of options, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Horizontal cross necklaces are available in precious metals such as sterling silver and gold, elaborate designs, set with precious gems, and in many sizes. Whether you’re looking for something delicate or a striking statement piece, you can find a side cross necklace that fits the bill.

Gold Sideways Cross Necklace

Many celebrities wear a yellow gold sideways cross necklace with their casual clothes. These are often small horizontal cross necklaces with crosses that are only an inch or two in length on a shorter chain so that the necklace can be worn with almost any neckline. You’ll also find white gold versions if you prefer a cooler color rather than a warm one.

Sterling Silver Side Cross Necklace

A budget-friendly option is sterling silver, which has a casual, funky vibe. Sterling silver is significantly less expensive and has a silvery-white sheen similar to white gold. If you’ve wanted to try a horizontal cross necklace, sterling silver is a budget-friendly choice that still looks great. You will often find sterling silver crosses set with turquoise.

Diamond Horizontal Cross Necklace

Love the look of a diamond necklace? You’re in luck; horizontal diamond cross necklaces can satisfy your love of glittering diamonds in a style that’s more casual than a statement necklace or full strand of diamonds. While most are set in white gold to enhance the stones’ beautiful sparkle, you’ll also find yellow and even rose gold side cross necklaces. Sideways diamond cross necklaces usually come in two options; one with a single stone set in the center, the other featuring diamonds all along both bars of the cross.

Consider Interesting Details

While most sideways cross necklaces are relatively simple in style, you aren’t limited to straight lines without details. You’ll also find horizontal cross necklaces featuring more elaborate crosses that feature scrollwork or lattice-like effects. Other options include side cross necklaces enhanced by elements such as hearts or multiple tiny crosses attached end-to-end. Mixed metals, such as a yellow gold sideways cross encircled with a rose gold heart, are also popular.

Is Wearing a Sideways Cross Disrespectful?

Interestingly, there was a bit of controversy surrounding horizontal cross necklaces when people first started wearing them. Much like when the superstar Madonna first wore an oversized cross necklace during her performance of “Like A Virgin” in the 1980’s music video, some people have questioned whether the horizontal cross is appropriate. The reasons why people might question it differ.
Some people don’t like religiously-themed jewelry in general; some feel it should be worn only by people who are believers. Still others have a specific issue with the sideways cross because they fear it is disrespectful. However, the vast majority of people wear horizontal cross necklaces because they are a beautiful fashion accessory or because the necklace affirms their faith.

Positive Meanings of the Sideways Cross Necklace

If you are wearing a side cross necklace because it’s stylish and pretty, you don’t need to look any further for meaning. If you appreciate the meaning behind the jewelry, there are several interpretations. The most common view is that a sideways cross necklace is simply a new twist on wearing an age-old symbol. Many people wear cross necklaces and whether it is vertical or horizontal makes no difference to them other than as a fashion accessory.

For some, the horizontal cross necklace represents the division of heaven and earth. Above the cross represents the heavens and life with God, while below the cross represents earthly life. Others believe the sideways cross represents earth, with hell below and heaven above. Wearing it reminds people that they should live life on earth but aspire to heaven.

Many Christians view the sideways cross as symbolic of Jesus’ laying down the cross for others and their duty to pick up the cross and carry it. To these men and women, it represents sacrificial love. There are also national flags featuring a horizontal cross, including those of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. This is sometimes called the Scandinavian Christian cross, a symbol of pride and patriotism.

Whether the sideways cross necklace has symbolic meaning to you or means nothing at all beyond its beauty, you’ll find a style that suits you at SuperJeweler.

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