Mens Diamond Earrings: A Brief History

These days, men’s diamond earrings seem like a cool and trendy jewelry item that’s fashion forward and innovative, but they’ve actually been around for a long time. In fact, in ancient times, men’s ear studs were quite common as far back as 700 years BC. In Assyria and Egypt, men’s stud earrings and drop earrings were a sign of status. Rulers often wore fine jewels in their ears to demonstrate their wealth and power.

Diamond Earrings for Men of Royalty

Men’s earrings were very popular with men right up until the Roman Empire, when the meaning of men’s earrings changed and they became a sign of slavery. Obviously, for slaves, men’s earrings weren’t diamonds or precious gems. By the time the middle ages rolled around and there were no longer European slaves, men once again picked up a penchant for wearing earrings. Merchants, noblemen and middle class gentlemen might wear gold earrings, some of them set with cut glass or semi-precious stones such as pearls. Men’s diamond stud earrings were reserved for royalty, as were men’s ruby and emerald earrings.

Rocking the Look in the Renaissance

Two famous men from days gone by who wore earrings were William Shakespeare, who was painted wearing a gold hoop in his ear, and King Charles I, who was painted in various portraits wearing stylish earrings. Men’s earring choices were surprisingly varied in royal circles. Black studs for men might be made from onyx or black enamel on gold or silver. At that time, men’s black diamond earrings weren’t popular because many people didn’t look on black diamonds as “real” diamonds. As time went on, however, fewer men wore earrings and women soon took over the look, wearing ever more elaborate earrings while most men stopped wearing them altogether.

In modern times, guys once again became interested in wearing men’s earrings, including diamond, gold, and gemstone options. Hippies and punk bands started the new trend, but mainstream entertainers soon began wearing stud earrings for men as well. In 1982, Lou Gossett Jr. accepted his Oscar while wearing diamond earrings for men. Today, athletes and celebrities such as David Beckham, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake all wear diamond earrings for men.

Black Diamond Earrings for Men

While black earrings for men sometimes feature onyx or enamel, black diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. Part of this is due to perception – diamonds are intrinsically seen as more valuable than stones that are only semi-precious or enamel work that is attractive, but not a gemstone. Diamonds tend to hold their value better and today’s black diamond studs have been spotted on sports stars, Hollywood icons and musicians around the world. If you’re shopping for men’s earrings, a diamond in black or a more traditional clear style is an excellent choice because it’s so versatile. Whether you’re attending a formal evening event or simply going out for drinks with friends, you can wear men’s earrings with diamonds confidently. They are the new classic for fashion forward men and will continue to grow in popularity as more men’s diamond earrings are seen on fashion runways as well as in daily life. If you love men’s earrings, diamonds should be your next fine jewelry purchase for sure!

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