8 Things to Complete Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist

8 Things to Complete Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The wedding season always brings with it a whirlwind of emotions. Now that the warm and fuzzy engagement period is over, there must be so many thoughts and worries swirling around in your head. You definitely want to get your dress right, buy the perfect wedding bands, and get the most ravishing makeover done.

It isn’t easy to book an appropriate venue, get the tiniest and most intricate arrangements right, and make sure you’ve invited each and every single guest to the wedding.  You’re probably stressing yourself: I can’t wait for the bag day to turn up so that I can finally be at ease.

However, this is the good kind of anxiety (if there is anything like that). Wanting to get everything perfect, from the ring and the dress to the venue and the guest list, is definitely not a walk in the park. But even when there are so many deadlines and arrangements to take care of, at the end of the day it is all worth it.

The excitement, anticipation, and overwhelming feelings of love that are felt on your special day are like no other. You want to get everything right because this is your day; it’s the one day where you will be under the spotlight and share those special moments with your soul mate.

When planning your wedding, you may often feel that the list of to-dos simply keeps growing.  These feelings are natural because only when you sit down to make a wedding checklist, do you realize how much there is to do!

Making a wedding checklist will help you synchronize and bring together all the ideas so that you can finally visualize how the big day will look like. It will also give you psychological peace that you’re on the right track, and you have everything under control.

To make it easy for you, we’ve done the work for you. Our Ultimate Wedding Checklist will always be here for you as a ready reference to check back on every time you feel like you’re forgetting something. Let’s have a look at the 8 most important things that will complete your ultimate wedding planning checklist.



1.     Think About Your Ideal Wedding

If you really want everything to fall perfectly in place, you need to start with thinking how your wedding should look and feel. Take some time to draw and write down the things you would want in your wedding.

Pen down whatever comes to your mind, from the theme and colors of the wedding to your wedding ring, dress, and the food. Before, you refer to any ready-made wedding templates dictating on how your event should look like, figure out what you want.

Everyone has an ideal wedding in their mind, and this is the perfect time to execute those plans. Make a checklist of all the things you want and don’t want on your big day. If you prefer a beautifully embellished ring over a fancy wedding dress, then make that your priority. If you don’t wish to spend much money on the wedding ring, as many people do, try to look for cheap diamond rings instead.

If the wedding menu is more important than getting the theme right, make sure to prioritize that accordingly. The idea behind drafting your own unique wedding plan is to help you lay out exactly what you imagine. Naturally, when you’re in the initial phases of planning, all the tasks will be created well within a specific budget.

Communicate with your partner, friends, and family, and visualize your ideal wedding. An ideal wedding doesn’t always have to the most lavish and expensive event. It can be simple and modest as long as the things you want are present.


2.     Set Up a Budget

Set Up A Budget

The next step in getting your checklist ready is setting up a budget. Creating a budget before you list down anything else is essential to help you prioritize the things that need to be completed first. Some people would go straight to the cake tasting for their wedding but you need to be smart and budget first.

List down all the financial contributors to the wedding. If it’s just you and your fiancé, then you will probably have the freedom to set whatever limit you wish. If you have parents involved, too, then discuss the total budget with them.

The next step is to crunch the numbers. Write down how much you and your partner can realistically spend on the wedding. However, even when you’re on a limited budget, there will be some non-negotiable things like the wedding ring and the dress that have to be their absolute best.

In case you don’t want to spend too much on a separate wedding ring, you can always re-use your engagement ring. Cheap engagement rings are a suitable replacement for a brand new expensive gold wedding ring.

The key to smart budgeting is to prioritize your wedding plans and then set an amount for each one of them accordingly. Instead of focusing on the huge guest count, some couples prefer a more intimate wedding. They probably have a rich ring wedding ceremony with only a few of their special friends and family.

The budget setting is entirely up to you, as long as you get to spend without going bankrupt.


3.     Getting the Ring and Jewelry

This goes without saying, the central part of any wedding is the ring ceremony. The wedding ring is what brings together the real spirits of union and love. It is a symbol of promise and perpetual vows that you choose to uphold with that special someone. This is why it’s imperative to decide what kind of ring you would want for you and your partner. It’s always a nice idea to have matching wedding band rings.

However, if you prefer a diamond ring, your plus one won’t obviously be twinning with you. If you want to stick to a limited budget, then try opting for cheap diamond rings. There are plenty of beautiful yet reasonably priced wedding rings that can indeed make you shine at your wedding.

You can even try a unique wedding ring for you and your partner if you’re aiming for a symbolic wedding. Choose a comfortable material for your ring in gold, platinum or silver that neither irritates your fingers nor is too tight.

Cheap diamond engagement rings have remained a popular choice among couples-to-be. Diamond rings have an elegant aura about them. They look incredibly sophisticated without reflecting an expensive look.

In fact, cheap diamond rings are also finding favor with a lot of grooms too. Many men claim to wear diamond rings on their wedding because it’s a symbol of someone exceptionally close to their hearts.

Your wedding jewelry is perhaps the most important aspect of your wedding look. Of course, the dress matters too, but a wedding dress that didn’t look good to you in the first try can quickly make its mark when paired with the right jewelry.


4.     Planning the Venue


Planning the venue

The next task in your checklist is going to be the venue. Selecting the venue will depend on your budget and guest list. If you’ve decided to invite everyone from your and your partner’s family, then you will naturally want to look for a spacious, well-decorated wedding venue.

However, if your guests are limited, then you would ideally choose a more cozy, intimate wedding ambiance. Hence, always choose a wedding venue that closely aligns with the vision you have in mind.

You should also think about what is included in the venue. In a small-scale wedding, instead of using the venue’s menu, many couples like to arrange the wedding menu independently. It totally depends on your budget and the number of guests that you’re planning on inviting.

Try to choose a venue that seems authentic to you and your partner, not something that briefly held your attention over social media.

5.     Fix a Date

Dates and deadlines are critical and require way more work than you think. The first thing you need to keep an eye on is the weather forecast. It’ll be a major inconvenience if rain descends on your wedding day.

If your wedding will be during winter, set a date when it’s slightly sunny and pleasant. You don’t want your guests fighting the snow to reach the wedding venue. Hence, just as the venue is important, picking the right date is crucial to a successful wedding plan as well.


6.     Buying the Dress


Buying the dress

Choosing a wedding dress is trickier than you can imagine. If it’s tailor-made, one stitch or fitting instruction that goes wrong can make the entire dress “unwearable.” Some women ditch their planned wedding dresses and opt for a new one because of the wrong fitting.

And it’s very natural to feel this way since your wedding day is going to be all about you. When all eyes are on you, you have to look your absolute best. You can get in touch with a notable bridal consultant to decide the style and fabric that would especially suit you.

A good tip here is to pick a dress that complements the wedding jewelry and ring. If you’re going to wear a big, sparkly diamond ring and earrings, then try to pick a printed white wedding dress. The fabric prints and the diamonds will pull together an elegant look.

7.     Get a Photographer on Board

You have to make sure that the photographer you choose for your wedding has a good sense of aesthetics. They should be able to capture those precious, irreplaceable moments. From putting on the ring on your beloved’s finger to cutting the grand wedding cake, reading your vows, and twirling around in your gorgeous dress, the photographer should be able to snap everything.


If you’re really into symbolic weddings where physical objects become symbols of love and romance, then here’s a photo idea. Interlock your hands with your partner, flaunting those beautiful diamond rings, and capture the beautiful moment in a framed picture. The diamond rings intertwined against each other will become beautiful symbols of an everlasting bond.

8.     Wedding Gift

What’s a wedding without an attractive wedding gift for your partner? Don’t skimp on the wedding gift. Make it as special as you can. If you’re looking for something for your wife-to-be, then jewelry is one of the best options.

Aside from the wedding ring, get another simpler ring for your man. It’s not practical for him to wear his wedding ring all the time so this simple ring can be a nice gift. Rings are beautiful and perfect for conveying intimate feelings. Since you’ll be getting him a second ring, you have the option to look for cheap diamond rings.

Cheap Diamond Rings

However, there are no excuses for the groom. To add that special touch to it, get her personalized gemstone jewelry. If you know her preference in gemstones, you can also get her studs or a necklace. There is something wonderful and romantic about getting your woman gemstone jewelry. Making an effort for a wedding gift will make her believe that you really are the perfect man for her.

Now that you know the A to Z of your wedding checklist, it’s time to get to work because there’s plenty of it. Remember to pick the best wedding ring as that is what will truly make the occasion worthwhile. If you’re looking for cheap diamond rings or cheap engagement rings that are beautiful and fit your budget, then click here.

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