What Are The 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring?

In this era, we feel there are misconceptions about almost everything, including about buying diamond engagement rings. So many self-interested companies and bloggers are posting all over the place, that it’s hard to know what to believe!  We are here to clear away these misconceptions about buying a ring online because we want you to make the right choice for you and your bride!

Here are the most common misconceptions about diamond engagement rings that we no longer want you to believe:

1.    Bigger is Always Better

Bigger is not always better, it’s just bigger! Just because you bought the biggest solitaire diamond ring in the jewelry store doesn’t guarantee it will have the sparkle and shine that diamonds are famous for having. Based on our knowledge and expertise in this area, a low-quality, big diamond can appear dull whereas a really nice smaller diamond can exude sparkle and shine. Remember, while the cut of the diamond depends on how it performs under light, a diamond is a natural product so even a diamond that is not perfectly cut can have fabulous sparkle.

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2.    A Round Diamond Ring is Better than Other Cuts

We love round diamond engagement rings, buy saying that a round cut is better than other cuts is a common misconception. Round brilliant cut is brilliant, beautiful, and appealing, but other cuts also have the same properties.

Why does the round cut remain so popular still? Because it is a safe choice. Be a little uncommon. A little daring. Give your loved one a fancy shape such as a cushion diamond ring, princess diamond ring, emerald diamond ring, oval diamond ring, and marquise diamond ring.

3.    Ok Google, Are Diamonds Unbreakable?

Diamonds are tough, but not unbreakable. Yes, they can withstand high temperatures and almost all kinds of acids, but unbreakable they are not. If a diamond cutter can create different cuts, how are they indestructible?

If a diamond has a cleavage plane, it can chip or fracture if hit hard along these planes. Chips can happen when something strikes the exposed point or girdle edge of the diamond such as a marquise cut or pear cut diamond engagement ring. Diamonds cuts with pointed corners are also susceptible to chipping such as the princess cut, which is set with v-shaped prongs to protect the corners from chipping.

4.    Alexa What is Diamond Fluoresence?

Let’s get some facts straight — diamond fluoresce is not bad or good. Confused? See, diamond fluorescence is a characteristic that occurs naturally. When you place a diamond under ultraviolet light, a blue glow will appear.

Whether you buy a fluorescence diamond or not is up to you. Most diamonds are to some extent fluorescence and classified as none, faint, medium, and strong. As far as quality, the fluorescence factor in a diamond does not influence that at all.

Many people actually like the blue glow of a fluorescent diamond.  This is a completely personal decision.

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5.    Ok Google, How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Does everyone say that you have so spend 2 or 3 months salary?  We do not, and we repeat, do not need to save two or three months’ salary just to buy a diamond engagement ring. Yes, diamonds are expensive, but you can also find affordable diamonds on the market. In fact, you can even buy a cheap diamond ring or a cheap engagement ring at SuperJeweler. When you can afford to upgrade the diamond, do it!

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Sam Li May 6, 2019 - 5:15 pm

I appreciate what you said about diamond cuts with pointed corners and how this can leave them vulnerable. I would say that cutting a diamond ought to be done by a professional that has years of experience under their belt. My friend wants to get her engagement ring cut, so I’ll help her find a jewelry store in town that offers such services.


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