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Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings
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Most Popular Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Perhaps no ring is more celebrated than the diamond engagement ring, which commands a special place in the hearts of couples everywhere. Couples nowadays are opting to make this choice together, with the bride having just as much input as the groom in many cases. SuperJeweler has options galore when it comes to selecting the perfect piece for this precious lifetime commitment.

Diamond Settings and Cuts

Before you begin your shopping, asking a few key questions is essential. First and foremost, what kind of engagement ring settings do you like; what style appeals to you? Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and none is perhaps more well-known than the diamond solitaire. Within the diamond solitaire category, there are a variety of cuts, including princess cut solitaire engagement rings, round cut and round brilliant solitaire engagement rings, marquise solitaire diamond cuts and other shapes like pear, oval and heart shaped solitaire diamonds. 

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The princess cut is truly a celebrated style popular with women everywhere, but many women prefer a round cut diamond to the sharp angles of the princess cut diamond engagement ring. If you are going for something really distinctive, a marquise or oval cut diamond offset on yellow gold, or even a fiery hearts and arrows diamond may be just the kind of exciting contrast you are going for. Would your fiancé be interested in a unique marquise or heart shaped diamond engagement ring? This is why it’s a great idea to get the bride’s take on style preference and taste before you get started, or even better, work together!


Beyond the diamond settings and styles, there are plenty of bands to choose from. Yellow gold, white gold and platinum have distinct hues that vary depending on the light, and may each complement different skin tones. In recent years, white gold has become an increasingly popular choice for good reason, it looks bright white and the color does not compete with the hue of the diamond.


Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

While it may be overwhelming to shop for diamond engagement rings, you’ll take comfort in one of the most versatile diamond engagement ring collections on the web. Whether you want to look at cheap engagement rings or are looking for something a little more upscale, we’ve got the setting styles and bands  you need to pop the question. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are among the most sought after pieces of jewelry on the planet, and it’s fairly rare to find deals as good as these on cheap princess diamond engagement rings, round cut diamond engagement rings, marquise and heart shaped diamonds, and all on a variety of white gold, yellow gold and platinum.