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Blue Diamond Rings

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Blue Diamond Rings

Blue diamond rings can be used for diamond engagement rings, right hand rings, diamond solitaire rings and promise rings, and they are sometimes even gifted for anniversaries. The lovely blue hue of these diamonds is a great choice for those who like the bold look of black diamonds and the fire of white diamonds, but want to add a splash of color to their precious diamond jewelry. The prices for blue diamonds are lower than for white diamonds as well, which means that it’s often possible to get a larger diamond that adds even more distinction to these colorful diamond rings.  Our colored diamonds are heat treated to ensure the most consistent color possible while also facilitating a much lower price than naturally occurring blue or black diamonds, which are very rare. Celebrate your singular love for that special someone with a stunning and unique blue colored diamond.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? A blue diamond engagement ring offers the perfect solution to add that bit of blue into your wedding ensemble. Blue diamond engagement rings are an increasingly popular choice with engaged couples everywhere. Typically found in a lovely solitaire setting, a blue diamond can add a modern twist to a traditional classic, set in a simple 4 prong setting and contrasting beautifully with a white gold or yellow gold band. These blue diamond engagement rings are so unique they will be a breath of fresh air to your wedding ensemble, and your wallet!

 If you are looking for maximum color, go for a blue diamond ring on a classic yellow gold band, the two colors are striking and will the yellow gold provides the perfect base to emphasize the blue hue of the diamond to its fullest potential.  Blue diamonds also look great on white gold, and if you are looking for maximum contrast, this is the way to go. The white gold is bright white which makes the blue look especially dark and vibrant in comparison. Combining blue diamonds with white diamonds on diamond bands is also a wonderful way to showcase your blue diamond. Blue diamonds make lovely center stones surrounded by smaller white diamonds, often on unusual metal work or filigree that accents the blue diamond nicely.

Blue diamonds are modern, fresh, contemporary and hip. A pop of color is always a welcome addition to fashion diamond jewelry and right hand rings. The best part about blue diamond rings is the low price means you can typically afford a much bigger diamond. Often referred to as fancy diamonds, colored diamonds are gorgeous as bold statement pieces. If you are looking for cheap blue diamond engagement rings, blue diamond promise rings or diamond solitaire rings, SuperJeweler always takes pride in blending high style with low prices.