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Gemstone Rings
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Colored Diamond Rings

Our exciting collection of bold colored diamond rings will get you inspired to add a touch of drama to your precious diamond jewelry, with vibrant hues of blue and striking black, you can easily update your look with these fashion forward diamond rings.  Our colored diamonds are heat treated to ensure the most consistent color possible while also allowing for a much lower price than naturally occurring blue or black diamonds, which are very rare. Sometimes referred to as “fancy diamonds,” blue diamond and black diamonds are among the most popular choices for colored diamond rings.

Black and White Diamond Rings

Black and white diamonds work especially well together, combining together to create a true work of art where where traditional meets contemporary, and the results are truly stunning. We offer a lot of big looking right hand rings that feature white and black diamonds, and these fun rings are the perfect choice if you are looking for something a little offbeat, a little less traditional. The spirit of colored diamond rings is one of fun and experimentation, and SuperJeweler has a lot of unique diamond rings that feature alternating bands of black and white diamonds that play off one another nicely, giving off a strong contrast that tends to draw more comments and complements than a traditional diamond ring. A favored look by many shoppers is a large black diamonds or group of black diamonds surrounded by a ring of small white diamonds. This look calls to mind the popular halo diamond rings that are so fashionable right now.

Solitaire Black and Blue Diamond Rings

The black diamond rings and blue diamond rings we feature often work well in solitaire settings also because these colors stand alone so well and don’t need a lot of extra accents and smaller stones around them to show off their unique colors. The black diamond engagement ring recently soared in popularity after being featured on several popular film and television series. It’s now become a major contender in the diamond engagement ring market.

Colored diamond rings, being a bit more innovative and fashion forward than traditional white diamond rings, are sometimes set in unique bands, like braided yellow gold or white gold that is formed into various heart shapes and swirls that give an added twist to these colorful diamonds. Whether you are looking for cheap colored diamond rings to serve as a unique engagement ring, wedding ring or right-hand fashion ring, SuperJeweler welcomes you to explore these creative pieces that truly show off your individuality.