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i really liked the black diamond appearance and the quality was also impressive. my only complaint would be the size of the diamond. maybe black makes things appear smaller in the diamond world as well, but overall a good buy.
-- d

Average Rating of 4.6 Stars with 24 Reviews.
  • Rating:
  • 7/17/2013
  • By K. lord "kathy "black bird""
  • these arrived safely & in great condition. the quality of the black diamonds is really nice. I am pleased with the ear rings!!
  • Rating:
  • 1/15/2013
  • By krilc
  • The earrings are beautiful. I purchased them to share with my daughter. We each have one as the 2nd piercing in one ear. It is just the right size and they do stand out. We were not disappointed.
  • Rating:
  • 1/13/2013
  • By Jason Davis
  • I purchased these as a gift for my wife. The package arrived with a warranty certificate and a nice little presentation box. The top facets of the black diamonds looked a little scuffed (although my knowledge of diamond quality is next to nothing, so this may be expected on diamonds at this price level, and the black color may enhance these imperfections). Chances are, nobody would ever notice it unless they were too close for comfort.
  • Rating:
  • 1/7/2013
  • By swb6345
  • The stone is not that bad. Looks good but can have some imperfections. The set I got each one has a different cut pattern. One does look better then the other. I only need one anyway. The post is a screw on back. Over all I am fine with what I got. For the price you can't expect something perfect.
  • Rating:
  • 1/2/2013
  • By jj
  • Very comfy fit. nicely made. I love black diamonds and these are not lab created so that's good I think.
  • Rating:
  • 12/25/2012
  • By Bonnie
  • I got one pair and they were too big, but this pair is just right and they are real diamonds
  • Rating:
  • 11/11/2012
  • By JNorthCarolina
  • I purchased these earrings as an early Christmas gift. I was very pleased with the box the earrings came in and the packaging. Also, SuperJeweler included jewelry cleaner as an extra thank you, which was a great surprise. The earrings are a nice size, exactly as described. I wouldn't say they sparkle exactly, but they are black, so I wasn't expecting them to. I was very pleased with this purchase.
  • Rating:
  • 4/28/2011
  • By tan27
  • envy of all my friends, bought a siniliar pair elsewhere a while back that cost more and were smaller will purchase here again, worth every penny!
  • Rating:
  • 4/1/2011
  • By Adrian Abel-Bey Albert
  • i bought these for my girlfriend, and she absolutely loved them. theyre not too big, but theyre a nice size for people who like small earrings. beautiful and the diamond looks amazing. i would reccomend these to anyone who wants a nice and affordable pair of earrings
  • Rating:
  • 2/9/2011
  • By Memphis,10
  • The black diamonds i bought from this seller are great. The white gold shines, and the black diamonds shine great in the right light. The diamonds sum times look like a lite shade of green,or even gray sum times, love these ear rings, keep up the good work.
  • Rating:
  • 2/23/2009
  • By d
  • i really liked the black diamond appearance and the quality was also impressive. my only complaint would be the size of the diamond. maybe black makes things appear smaller in the diamond world as well, but overall a good buy.
  • Rating:
  • 10/6/2009
  • By MrAzcats
  • These are great studs for the price. Somewhat unique because noone wears black diamonds
  • Rating:
  • 3/5/2011
  • By thescribe
  • I guess got what I paid for. The black diamonds I ordered had some blemishes and seemed like they were scratched. I was expecting a nice pure black set like the images provided, but the ones I got looked like a silver stone painted with permanent marker. I am quite upset and unsatisfied with this product.
  • SuperJeweler customer service will contact you immediately to make sure you are made happy. We will provide a replacement pair at no charge.Very sorry for the hassle.We have sold thousands of these earrings and very few are returned.
  • By Superjeweler
  • Rating:
  • 12/29/2011
  • By mrc283
  • these were horrible! diamonds were scratched and pitted!
  • Rating:
  • 3/22/2011
  • By UnHappyCustomer
  • The quality was very poor. I may have received the worst of the bunch. There was a scratch that can been seen from far away and knowing that how can I give that as a gift. It was a waste of money.
  • SuperJeweler customer service will contact you immediately and provide a replacement pair. We are very sorry that you are unhappy and want to make 100 sure that you are satisfied.Of course, we provide a 100 money back guarantee to make sure that no customer has to keep an item they are unhappy with.
  • By Superjeweler
SuperJeweler Customer Service Notes - JWL 2066
   Our customer service personnel has not reviewed this item. Give us a call at (877) 888-0175, we’ll pull the item, and give you all the information you would like.

1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold                   
  • Item Number: JWL 2066
  • Retail Price:
  • $499.99
  • Our Price:
  • $299.99
  • Sale Price:
  • $199.99
The Estimated Ship Date Is
Tuesday, September 02, 2014
It's a new spin on a classic design. Every woman has diamond stud earrings in her jewelry box. As they say, though, black is the new black. These 1/2ct black diamond stud earrings are proof. Set in 14k white gold, the black and white combination is stunning. At this price, you can't go wrong. Get yours today!
1/2ct ( 0.50 ct)

Diamond Shape:

Round Brilliant
14k White Gold
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