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My husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding aniversary, I paired this beautiful diamond band with my ruby and diamond ring.I was thrilled about my purchase.This band is pretty the little diamonds are gorgeous! Very happy with my purchase .I have already told friends about the beautiful jewerly and great value.
-- Carol

Average Rating of 4.8 Stars with 90 Reviews.
  • Rating:
  • 2/10/2014
  • By Tracy
  • I love my ring. It's beautiful and just what I was looking for.
  • Rating:
  • 1/3/2014
  • By Sandrine
  • Used daily, good fit and quality.
  • Rating:
  • 12/5/2013
  • By Barbara E. Quintin
  • Bought it as a wedding band, very pretty and dainty and can't beat the price!
  • Rating:
  • 12/5/2013
  • By Susan
  • PERFECT !!!
  • Rating:
  • 12/5/2013
  • By Diane
  • I bought this ring to wear as an everyday ring...not as a wedding ring. It is much nicer than I expected considering its cost. Plus it is perfect for my small hands! Very happy!
  • Rating:
  • 12/3/2013
  • By Regina
  • Replacement ring - original lost/stolen.
  • Rating:
  • 10/25/2013
  • By Nina
  • I bought thing ring a few weeks ago. It looks perfect. I am so pleased with it that I just ordered another one today to wear on each side of my wedding band.
  • Rating:
  • 9/6/2013
  • By Marsha
  • Just what I was looking for to go with my halo ring.
  • Rating:
  • 9/5/2013
  • By auroj
  • High quality product.
  • Rating:
  • 6/16/2013
  • By Fun
  • This was a great price for a great ring. It was exactly what I needed. The diamonds are not perfect, but it was a good price.
  • Rating:
  • 6/8/2013
  • By yvonne dzurikanin
  • I bought this ring as a band to my white gold diamond , the black gold pops out my ring and it sparkles in the sun, I give this ring a 10 plus very happy with Super jeweler
  • Rating:
  • 5/23/2013
  • By Carol
  • My husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding aniversary, I paired this beautiful diamond band with my ruby and diamond ring.I was thrilled about my purchase.This band is pretty the little diamonds are gorgeous! Very happy with my purchase .I have already told friends about the beautiful jewerly and great value.
  • Rating:
  • 4/20/2013
  • By Hunter
  • I bought this ring for my fiancee as his wedding ring. I absolutely love it and i hope he loves it too. My certificate wasnt included though. So, i just have to email the seller. Besides that, its fantastic. Fast shipping. Great price. I love it so much, i want the same one as my wedding ring ;)
  • Rating:
  • 4/12/2013
  • By **bbgirl**
  • Ordered this ring. Fast shipping. Great quailty. Great Price. Awesome customer service. Returned ring because it is smaller than expected.
  • Rating:
  • 3/31/2013
  • By brad walden
  • Just a little smaller then I thought it would be. She still love it. Its looks very nice, and i believe that buying two would be the way to go. They would very nice next to each other Women love diamonds....enough said.
  • Rating:
  • 3/30/2013
  • By Cecily and Edgar
  • I saw this band and knew i had to have it! Okay, so not only did it get here two days before expected it was also in such an adorable little box. i t comes with a little certificate of warranty that states if any stones come loose, return it and they will add another one free of charge!! (side stone, center stone etc and did I forget to mention it's a lifetime warranty?) i loved that it came in a half size too, I'm a size 4 1/2 so knowing i didn't have to pay extra to get it sized was a plus! it's thin, very. it's perfect for small hands, or women who don't like bulk. I am a Dental Assistant so gloves come off and on all day and being able to wear it without hassle is wonderful! I love the color, the diamonds are tiny yet they sparkle beautifully! Downside? i can't honestly think of one!
  • Rating:
  • 3/21/2013
  • By Anna N.
  • This ring is simply beautiful. It is a thin band, but exacly what I was looking for. I have recieved numerous compliments on it. You will not be disapointed with this ring or the company. Very fast shipping. Very beautiful ring!!
  • Rating:
  • 3/21/2013
  • By mackenzie hartmann
  • Asked my bf for this ring for Christmas. It's true to size, very delicate, exactly what I wanted. I get compliments on it all the time.
  • Rating:
  • 3/21/2013
  • By Miranda Williams
  • My overall review is that the ring is very classy but a little too thin it look very good for price
  • Rating:
  • 3/19/2013
  • By Blondie 841
  • The ring was just what I was looking for. I bought it to replace a plain gold wedding band that I had worn for years but was lost. I wanted something in the white gold this time. I like the filagree look but the bands were too wide. I have very small hands and slim fingers, and this looks perfect. I ordered this in a size 4.5, which is a hard size to find. It was true to size. The diamonds are small enough so it almost looks filagree. I don't wear jewelry other than this, so wanted something simple but also wanted a little sparkle , which this has. I also like that it has a lifetime guarantee to replace any diamonds that are lost by sending it back to the jeweler. It came in just a few days, so all around I was very pleased.
  • Rating:
  • 3/16/2013
  • By jnelson
  • I just recieved my ring. It is a very pretty ring. It is smaller then the picture shows, but looks very nice if you have small hands. I have decided that Im ordering another one to wear on top of my engagement ring. That should complete the look I was going for. It's a very nice for the price.
  • Rating:
  • 2/9/2013
  • By luvs
  • Great ring!! Buy two and use as ring guard. The ring is 10 kt gold with diamonds. Very durable and wearable.
  • Rating:
  • 1/22/2013
  • By heslinjanet
  • I love this ring so much I ordered another one. It's thin so you can wear two of them together and it looks great
  • Rating:
  • 1/11/2013
  • By Ben
  • my wife wears this ring almost exclusively. she loves its simple elegant design.
  • Rating:
  • 1/10/2013
  • By Texas Denise
  • I am so pleased with this band that my husband ordered another one for me for Christmas!! Now, I have one band on each side of my engagement ring, and it just looks amazing. I highly recommend this band. It is very dainty and elegant.
  • Rating:
  • 1/1/2013
  • By Dj @196
  • Wow..i bought this for my Wife and she is in love with it.!!! that was a Christmas Gift... She loved it, it does worth the money..
  • Rating:
  • 11/30/2012
  • By KLS "kateleestar"
  • I got this little band to keep one of my other rings on my finger during my weight loss. I don't want to pay to have my rings all sized down until I'm finished losing weight. This band fit the bill!
  • Rating:
  • 10/27/2012
  • By Lauralou
  • This ring is very pretty. It is small, but I think it goes perfectly with my ring. Even though my ring is big and blingy, this band looks great next to it. It's perfect!
  • Rating:
  • 10/8/2012
  • By Anita
  • This was a gift for our future granddaughter in law, and since her engagement ring was small, this ring matched perfectly. She picked it out, and is very happy with it.
  • Rating:
  • 9/6/2012
  • By CJ
  • My husband bought me this ring for an anniversary present. It's really hard to find my size with such beautiful stones. Shines just right and most of all fits just perfectly. Love it so much that my husband bought me another one to wear with the one I already have.
  • Rating:
  • 7/30/2012
  • By MrsMencke804
  • I absolutely love this ring. I bought two rings to do a wrap about my engagement ring. It turned out so beautifully granted its a bit smaller than I expected it is perfect and goes very well.
  • Rating:
  • 7/29/2012
  • By a man
  • I wanted something delicate and refined to replace my wedding band during pregnancy and post-preg swelling. This ring is bright white, well formed and has uniformly set stones. The stones are so small, I cannot identify them without holding the ring close up under good light, but still, this is lovely, understated ring. I don't like brash and flash. I like this elegant, feminine tiny ring.
  • Rating:
  • 7/5/2012
  • By dwarfmallow
  • I was looking for a band that matched my wedding ring. My wedding ring is a three stone with pave diamonds on the side. This band matched perfectly to it and at a great price!
  • Rating:
  • 6/9/2012
  • By N. Besio "militarywife"
  • This ring is a nice touch to my solitaire princess diamond ring. I am going to order another to add one to the top and bottom of the ring.
  • Rating:
  • 5/13/2012
  • By Shrui
  • We were looking at plain bands to find an affordable, simple, and beautiful ring to accompany my antique engagement ring. The other reviewer is correct, the ring is much smaller in width and I am so grateful!
  • Rating:
  • 5/3/2012
  • By trlmbr
  • Love this ring! It is a little thinner than I was expecting, but it is exactly what I wanted and it looks beautiful next to my engagement ring!
  • Rating:
  • 4/29/2012
  • By loveme12
  • I love this ring!!! We have been looking for the perfect ring (while not going broke at the same time) for months. I seen this one and new that this was it. When I received it I put it on with my engagement ring and together they look amazing. I am so happy with the look and feel of it!!
  • Rating:
  • 4/1/2012
  • By Barb
  • I was extremely please with this diamond band. I just had my diamond reset and i needed something thin and sparkly to go with my new ring. This was perfect and it looks great with my new setting. Great price too!
  • Rating:
  • 3/12/2012
  • By Bre
  • The ring is small but it looks very nice. The diamonds are very shinny for such a petite ring. Overall I am pleased with my purchase.
  • Rating:
  • 2/24/2012
  • By Sierra
  • Really nice ring its small so if you want something big this isnt the ring for you but I like it it came really fast I live in hawaii and it arrived two days after it shipped Iam happy with my buy!!!!
  • Rating:
  • 2/9/2012
  • By lilbug2012
  • I waited three years for my wedding bands and I dont feel bad at all now that I have these! They are so nice and the diamonds are very sparkly. I have friends who paid more than double what I did and theres were not as nice. The band is a lil thin on the bottom but you dont even notice it when its with you ring but because I bought two its nice cause it dosent feel bulky on my finger. Would buy this ring again and the jewlery cleaner it came with was great it cleaned my ring to look like it was new! so it looked like I got every thing at the same time. I'll never take my ring to get cleaned I'm going to just buy the cleaner off here : )
  • Rating:
  • 2/2/2012
  • By bozzbbgirl
  • I received this ring in record time- it shipped the day I had ordered. The band is thin, about 2mm, which fits perfectly with my 3-stone engagement ring. The diamonds are small but perfectly set and look like quality stones. I am VERY pleased with my purchase.
  • Rating:
  • 12/10/2011
  • By T-Bone
  • only major downfall of the ring is that the band is thiner than most bands,and the picture shows that the dimands look as if they are raised settings and they are not they actually appear to be part of the band its self. other than those two things we loved the price of it and got the ring within a resonable amount of time.
  • Rating:
  • 11/20/2011
  • By Christy
  • I am very pleased with this ring it is the perfect size and it looks great with my wedding ring. I am also pleased with timely manner in which I recieved it.
  • Rating:
  • 10/8/2011
  • By kristi
  • i love it. it is small and simple. goes great with my big diamond ring without being to gaudy or making my hands look huge. awesome value and product with fast shipping
  • Rating:
  • 9/1/2011
  • By Jessimica
  • The ring was as it was described, and came quickly & in perfect condition. The settings for the diamonds were a little large for the size of the diamond cut, and seem to hide the diamonds, rather than accentuate them. But the quality of the rings is excellent, and the color of the diamonds was great. I just expected the diamonds to be a bit more prominent than they were.
  • Rating:
  • 8/27/2011
  • By littleone0927
  • I bought this to go with my cushion cut halo engagement ring. It looks amazing with my ring!!! Amazing quality at an amazing price!!!
  • Rating:
  • 8/26/2011
  • By Sarah
  • I bought this as a wedding band, its perfect! This ring is very dainty perfect for smaller hands. The price is great and shipping was fast.
  • Rating:
  • 4/14/2011
  • By Joe
  • Loved the ring, the service and the style. Will def use this site again!!
  • Rating:
  • 10/11/2010
  • By nan
  • small, but beautiful and well crafted band
  • Rating:
  • 4/5/2010
  • By RgL
  • The micropave is very well done and the stones shine and reflect beautifully. Incredible to know that the first quote I got for a similarly - styled custom ring to complement my engagement ring would cost 20 times more (yes - almost $2,000!!). This ring is one of the best bargains for the quality provided in or out of the stores, and matches my ring so well!
  • Rating:
  • 3/5/2010
  • By Mrs.Brumfilly
  • I love my ring. It is a great ring for the price.If someone ask me I would choose this ring again.
  • Rating:
  • 2/25/2010
  • By Empression
  • Thank you for my beautiful ring. I'm so happy I was able to find such value for a small price. Thank you.
  • Rating:
  • 2/9/2010
  • By dur
  • I just love it! A perfect combination with my promise ring. A great value of price and workmanship. It''s nice making business with you,a very fast shipping. I''ll gonna order again soon. Thank you SJ :)
  • Rating:
  • 2/5/2010
  • By boudro1
  • Fast shipping,beautifull. I'm very happy this ring is excellent condition.Perfect!
  • Rating:
  • 2/4/2010
  • By boudro1
  • I'm very happy! Fast shipping, beautifull ring, exactly what I wanted I'm satisfied and I will surely buy here because the quality of jewelry is excellent.
  • Rating:
  • 9/17/2009
  • By 3princes
  • This is a beautiful ring. I bought 2 to stack with my engagement ring and wedding band. It really looks great!
  • Rating:
  • 2/25/2009
  • By Ms. Alabama
  • I'm elated to announce how happy I am with my ring. Once I recieved the rings in the mail and tried them on with my wedding band, was so beautiful, it enhanced my ring so much that my family was like WOW.....Thank you so much for your business and I would love to recommend your business to someone else!
  • Rating:
  • 12/6/2013
  • By DINAE
  • It's small but nice for an added active piece to my ring.
  • Rating:
  • 12/4/2013
  • By Mary Jo
  • Purchased two of the rings and used them to frame a diamond solitaire I already had. Would recommend them.
  • Rating:
  • 9/22/2013
  • By MANDY
  • A little finer than expected given measurements, but still a beautiful delicate band that will be used as my wedding band
  • Rating:
  • 3/17/2013
  • By Shae
  • I was completely satisfied with this purchase
  • Rating:
  • 10/15/2012
  • By Bianca
  • It is a little smaller than I thought, but it's perfect. I was looking for just a little sparkle; it's so dainty and petite. I can keep it on all the time, it doesn't bother my hand, in fact I barely feel that it's on! The diamonds look really clean and near colorless. It's a super cute ring overall. I mean, I guess you shouldn't expect huge diamonds for under $100, but for the price, it's great and I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for something dainty and sparkly.
  • Rating:
  • 10/13/2012
  • By TRod
  • My wife wanted a thin diamond band to stack with other bands. It is perfect for this as it appears to be strongly set and sparkly. I would not recommend it as an actual wedding band as it is quite tiny.
  • Rating:
  • 8/5/2012
  • By diamondfan
  • Diamonds are very small obviously at 1/10 carat, but shiny and it is a dainty, beautiful compliment to my two-toned wedding band and engagement ring - easily stackable and fits right in. Might have to buy another one to flank both sides.
  • Rating:
  • 4/18/2012
  • By SofiaT
  • I bought two of these bands to use as stackables with another ring I own. I was really concerned they would look dull or cheap, but I was so pleasantly surprised! They look great, and they are an excellent value. I even tried using them as ring guards with my Simon G engagement ring, and they look great with that, too! They are way more sparkly than I would have thought. They are very thin/narrow bands, so keep that in mind if you're looking for something more prominent. For me, they are perfect.
  • Rating:
  • 9/12/2011
  • By kittym37
  • very light but other than that was just what I was looking for,just not a great value,could but t walmart for the same price and quality.
  • Rating:
  • 5/20/2011
  • By AWicz
  • I love the ring; I needed a new wedding band and found this one; it is very beautiful but it is a very thin band; thankfully I have small hands so it doesn't look awkward with my engagement ring.
  • Rating:
  • 6/21/2010
  • By Jenn
  • This is a very cute ring...sparkles like crazy! I am very happy with it. thanks
  • Rating:
  • 3/2/2010
  • By Mindy
  • Very cute ring. It was a little smaller than I thought. Trying to match a ring that I had reset for 10th Wedding Anniversary. Didn't work as well as I wanted. Needed something a little bigger so I did end up sending it back.
  • Rating:
  • 4/4/2014
  • By Vladimir
  • My wife loved this item
  • Rating:
  • 7/29/2012
  • By MaLaPlama
  • The whole ring is so very tiny, it does not shine due to its size. You will need more rings on your finger to get notice.
  • Rating:
  • 3/8/2012
  • By Gina
  • I was somewhat disappointed with this purchase. I found the ring a little snug whereas my other 8's are fine and also the band was very very thin
  • Rating:
  • 1/6/2012
  • By leparsdon
  • I ordered two so I could stack them with my ER and it looked nice with it. I thought that 2mm would be too small but it worked out nicely. The diamonds were bigger than I thought, but the way they were set seemed a little sloppy and I can''t help but think I see a small crack in one of them. They sparkle more than I thought they would, but overall for the price I didn't get any less than what I expected. The picture is a bit misleading as far as the clarity goes, but as I stated I got what I paid for.
  • Rating:
  • 5/14/2013
  • By sunshine
  • At first I thought this is a bang for your buck, however, when I received the ring, it was very very tiny, eventhough my hands are small, but this ring was hardly seen on my hand, plus, its not shiny nor dazzling. very disappointed. Had to send it back.
  • Rating:
  • 4/8/2012
  • By Sweetchild
  • Jewellery was not as described, poor quality. Would not be buying from here again. Very bad communication
  • Rating:
  • 12/23/2012
  • By Andy
  • Came with one gem missing. wrong size and much smaller than picture.
Review by Andrew of SuperJeweler
I love the simple elegance that accompanies this super skinny micro pave ring. The cool thing about this wedding band, is it is the perfect compliment to almost any style engagement ring!

1/10ct Micro Pave Womens Wedding Diamond Band in 10k White Gold       
  • Item Number: JWL 3346
  • Retail Price:
  • $399.99
  • Our Price:
  • $249.99
  • Clearance Price:
  • $129.99
The Estimated Ship Date Is
Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Just one look at this gorgeous diamond band and you'll see why it is our most popular womens wedding band. Featuring 21 round diamonds set in 10k white gold this micro pave wedding band offers tremendous sparkle, making it the perfect wedding band to accompany any diamond engagement ring or even as a stand alone piece. This is truly a magnificent diamond band at an equally magnificent price. Get yours today.
1/10 ( 0.10 ct)
21 Diamonds

Diamond Shape:

Round Brilliant
10k White Gold


2mm width, shank 1.4mm width
3 , 3.5 , 4 , 4.5 , 5 , 5.5 , 6 , 6.5 , 7 , 7.5 , 8 , 8.5 , 9 , 9.5 , 10 , 10.5
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