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Blue Diamond Stud Earrings

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Blue Diamond Stud Earrings

Though diamond stud earrings have always provided a chic, pulled together look suitable for any outfit, there are some exciting variations on the elegant classic, mostly involving colored diamonds. Blue diamonds are now frequently worn in diamond studs and the results are remarkably unique. If you are shopping for that someone special who seems to have everything, you can be fairly certain she doesn’t own a pair of trendy blue diamond studs, which truly capture two looks in one. With these gorgeous sparklers she will have both a traditional jewelry staple as well as a fashion forward trendsetting pair of diamond earrings.

Blue Diamonds

The popularity of blue diamonds has grown exponentially over the past few years, but since naturally occurring blue diamonds are so rare, all of our blue diamonds are heat treated, creating a consistent blue hue throughout. In fact, blue is one of the most rare of all naturally occurring colored diamonds (also referred to as fancy diamonds) and remain very highly prized and expensive. At SuperJeweler, we don’t think cost should ever come between you and your desire for gorgeous colored diamonds, and these blue diamond stud earrings are offered in a variety of carat weights and styles.
Many of our blue diamond stud earrings feature round cut diamonds, which are by far the most popular cut diamonds we offer. Round cut brilliant diamonds are cut in such a way to heighten the diamond’s brilliance and fire, and this is something we can all appreciate! Round cut blue diamonds provide a unique take on the traditional white round cut diamond and give these diamond solitaire earrings an instant style boost and pop of color that will breathe new life into your diamond jewelry collection. While we offer a lot of blue diamond solitaire studs, we also offer blue diamond studs combined with fiery white pave diamonds for a truly decadent look.

Affordable Blue Diamond Earrings

Whether you are looking for diamond studs, blue diamond studs, micro pave diamond earrings or white gold earrings or yellow gold earrings, you won’t be disappointed in our selection of cheap diamond earrings. We offer them in various carat weights from dainty 1 carat blue diamonds in sterling silver and white gold earrings, and up to 2 carat blue diamonds in yellow gold and white gold studs, we have the trendy blue diamonds you crave at prices you can afford.